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Nummie Tummies was founded in March of 2012 by myself, Sarah Reed.  I started this company after having our first son and feeling like there was no place to turn for fresh, healthy and organic baby food.  After my maternity time was over I went back to work full time.  Once I had gone back to work I realized that I was unable to spend time I wanted to with my son and husband.  Trying to work full time and make my sons food was just to difficult, and it was such a sacrafice to make.  So with the support of my husband I started Nummie Tummies.  I had always had a hard time believing that the organic food offered on the shelves of grocery stores is fresh and healthy.  The experation dates on these items are for over a year.  I have seen banana's expire in a week, if I am lucky.  That is why we make our products once the order is placed, freeze our products and deliver it straight to you every month.  All our produce is purchased locally therefore our flavors vary.  We offer a huge selction of choices and flavor combonations.  We dont want to limit your child to just 5 diffrent flavors for the next year and a half of there life.  Since we make your items monthly there is nothing sitting on our shelves and if you want to try certain flavors we are more than happy to make them for your little one.  Nummie Tummies is dedicated to serve you so that you have more time to spend with your family, and less time in the kitchen.


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